The Idiot became a Cyborg

Well, in the most technical sense of the word.  
I got a NFC Chip installed in my left hand.  The Biohacking village at DEF CON 25 was offering implants to the first 45 eligible people (eligible here meaning sober and over than 18).  Ol’ Jon got lucky number 45.  It feels weird to know I can read and write data to my body.

My hand, with a bandage covering the site of the NFC implant.
…becoming man and machine, Power Xtreme!

The implant I had installed was the xNT NFC Tag by Dangerous Things by a gentleman that goes by the name of Cooper.

I haven’t found the perfect use for it yet; Currently, I’ve just written a generic text record (which may or may not be shamelessly stolen from Orphan Black).  I’d like to have it as some part of some tech scavenger hunt, but I need to kick a few ideas around.

Getting a “body modification” of this type can spark some interesting conversation: “Why would you do that?” “What does it do?” “Can the government track you now?” all have been brought up at least twice already.

The consensus from my friends and family is that I’m foolish for getting the chip installed.  I argue that it only cost me $50 and a little bit of my time; I’ve spent much more of both on tattoos that received less scrutiny. It also allows me to further understand this technology and the community surrounding it, which fall well within the scope of my job and my passions.

I can’t fault my friends and family, most of them aren’t very technically inclined.  The fear of technology taking over the humanity is pounded into their heads on a daily basis.  I view this no more invasive than a dental implant:  You don’t need it to live, but it’s kinda helpful.

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